IncFile vs BizFilings

Choosing the best online incorporation service can be challenging. Both IncFile and BizFilings are reliable companies that you can use to form an LLC or corporation.

To help you pick the best service, we’ve compared IncFile vs. Bizfilings in crucial areas. Keep reading this comparison to find out which company is right for you.


A legal service that can complete the complicated paperwork involved with starting a company is a valuable investment. These companies can help you navigate licenses, state requirements, file taxes, and find a Registered Agent.

What is IncFile?

IncFile was founded as a service to help business owners incorporate their ideas by taking care of the paperwork required to get businesses started.

Their services can help you form an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or nonprofit organization. IncFile is especially useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What is BizFilings?

Bizfilings refers to themselves as ‘Business Formation Experts.’ This company helps LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, and nonprofits with the legal hurdles and paperwork required to start their businesses in compliance with state laws.

This service specializes in customers who are small-to-medium sized businesses that do not employ legal advisors.


IncFile and BizFilings have many similarities in the services they provide. They also have similar pricing for their plans and individual services.

You can benefit from research on business licenses, EIN obtainment, and Certificates of Good Standing offered by both companies. You can also view these documents online on dashboards included with each of these services.

It’s relatively simple to sign up for IncFile or BizFilings. And both companies include resources and free information available for business owners on their website.


While IncFile and BizFilings both perform similar services, the companies have several primary differences. Incfile is a more modern interface for customers who prefer a sleeker experience, while Bizfiling can seem outdated.

BizFiling offers only six months of free Registered Agent Service to its customers, while IncFile plans include an entire year of Registered Agent Services. IncFile also provides a more affordable ‘Plus’ price plan than the BizFiling ‘Standard’ option.

If you need to file your personal and business taxes, IncFile offers this service at an additional cost. But BizFiling does not provide this extra service.

IncFile is also the superior choice if you need Foreign Qualification when running your business out of state. However, BizFiling has Apostille/Seal of Approval Documents available, while IncFile does not.

Bizfiling is a more experienced company. It has been around for twenty-four years, while IncFile is only sixteen years old. BizFilings also provides better customer service that is easier to reach than the representatives from IncFile.

Features and Prices

IncFile and Bizfilings offer their services at different price points.


All IncFile services help business formation and incorporation. When you purchase a business formation plan with IncFile, you get a year of Registered Agent services for free. Their plans also come with lifetime support and tax consultation. Here are some of their prices.

Pricing Plans

Basic: $98

  • Articles of Organization preparation and filing
  • Perform unlimited searches for names
  • Free Registered Agent for one year

Plus: $247

  • Basic Plan Features
  • EIN Tax Number
  • 2553 Form with IRS
  • Banking Resolution
  • Company Alerts
  • Online Dashboard
  • Express Shipping
  • Operation Agreement
  • Constant Email and Phone Support
  • Business Bank Account
  • Tax Consultation

Enterprise: $397

  • Plus Plan Features
  • Rushed Filing
  • Contract Templates
  • Domain Name and Email
  • Delivery with FedEx

Individual Features and Prices

Business License Research: $99

A business license is critical but often involves a complicated process. Each state has different requirements for permits for different types of businesses. Generally, most companies require at least two licenses.

IncFile will complete the research to determine which licenses your company needs and file all of the necessary paperwork. You’ll receive the documents within five days.

Registered Agent Services: $119/Annually after First Year

A Registered Agent is a necessity for every corporation or LLC. This agent gives your business a physical presence as the point of contact for government correspondence.

When you use this service, you allow someone else to hold these responsibilities. When you operate your business out of your home, a registered agent can help preserve your privacy. You will be able to see all documents related to your business in a digital dashboard.

Tax Number EIN: $70

Your business federal tax ID functions like a social security number for your business. It is necessary for paying wages, tax returns, and business bank accounts.

You need an EIN if your business is an LLC, partnership, or a sole proprietorship with employees. IncFile files all of the necessary paperwork and forwards you the EIN when it arrives.

File Business Taxes: $599

IncFile also offers a complete tax filing service. Filing business taxes can be complicated, and this service helps ensure that your taxes get filed correctly. The company only needs relevant information from you to complete the process on your behalf.

This service is more expensive but can save a significant amount of time.

File S-Corp Tax Election: Variable Price

An S-Corp helps reduce how much tax you pay. IncFile will fill out and submit a tax election form on your behalf.

Annual Report: $88

All business owners have to produce an annual report that details business activities from the previous tax year. Penalties for not filing every year are severe. You can even risk the dissolution of your company. IncFile can make sure these reports get done on time.

LLC Formation Service Kit/Corporate Business Formation Service: $99+

A Business Formation Kit will deliver your official state documents in a sleek, professional, and custom format. The handcrafted binder includes corporate forms, documents, stock certificates, and a corporate seal.

Certificate of Good Standing: $49 + fees

This certificate demonstrates that your business is compliant with state laws as a professional organization. IncFile can have this certificate completed for you.

Trademark Registration: $199 + fees

Registering a trademark can help protect your brand. IncFile has attorneys that can oversee the entire process.

Foreign Qualification: $149 + fees

This process is necessary if you do business out of state. IncFile can handle the paperwork that gives you a certificate of authority to complete business outside of the area where you register your company.


Bizfilings has a similar process for business formation. They can help business owners set up LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, nonprofits, and partnerships.

This company has significant experience with over 500,000 business formations in their background. Their plans also come with a free Registered Agent for six months.

Pricing Plans

Basic: $99 + Fees

  • State Business Formation
  • 6 Months of Free Registered Agent
  • Name Verification
  • Document Preparation
  • BizComply Access

Standard: $399 + Fees

  • Basic Plan Features
  • Sample Agreements and LLC Forms
  • LLC Seal and KIt
  • Rush Processing Service

Complete: $359 + Fees

  • Standard Plan Features
  • EIN Registration
  • Certified Filed Document Copies
  • Compliance DVD
  • Shipping Overnight

Individual Features and Pricing

Business License Research: $99

Bizfilings will collect all the necessary information to determine which business licenses you need and obtain your applications.

Registered Agent Services: $174/Annually

Like IncFile, this company offers Registered Agents to business owners to serve as an official contact for government agencies. Any correspondence will be sent to the agent and automatically filed. You can track compliance with the BizComply management tool, which also sends reminders.

EIN Registration: $79

BizFilings can also complete the paperwork needed to obtain a Federal Tax Number ID from the IRS. This service has a quick turnaround of 2-3 days after approval.

Annual Report: Variable Price

If you provide BizFilings with the right information, they can create an account for you to process your annual report to save you time.

Compliance Kit: $99

An optional service some business owners enjoy, BizFilings can create a custom binder to hold your official business documents. These documents can include ownership certificates, stock certificates, and transfer ledgers.

Certificate of Good Standing: $ 39 + fees or $178 + fees

The standard service offered by BizFiling takes care of obtaining a certificate that demonstrates your business meets all state requirements. Rush service can obtain the certificate in hours but comes at a premium price.

Apostille/Gold Seal Service: $35 + fees

An Apostille allows you to certify a document in another country. If you want to open a foreign bank account, this service from BizFilings may be valuable.

Business Compliance Management: $75/Annually

BizFilings offers an ongoing service that checks for continuous compliance and avoids legal problems.

Best Value

Although both companies offer similar pricing, IncFile’s Plus plan is more affordable than the Standard plan from BizFilings. But the BizFiling premium Complete plan has a lower price than the Enterprise plan from IncFile.

If you do not need extensive features, IncFile’s Registered Agent services are cheaper annually, and every plan includes a full year of the service. BizFiling only offers the service for free for six months.

Best Value Winner: IncFile

Customer Service

Both companies offer customer service, but reviews of the quality of support provided by these companies vary.

IncFile Support

IncFile features a Learning Center where you can access free guides about how to start a successful business. Their help center includes FAQs that customers can read, but if you need the answer to a new question, you can call support staff between 9 am and 6 pm CST.

Some customers share that it is sometimes difficult to reach customer service. As an alternative, you can leave a message on their client dashboard.

BizFilings Support

The BizFIlings website also provides business owners with free resources. However, they also have specific information about different industries. Unfortunately, the data is on an outdated platform.

Their customer support is available by phone or email between 8 am and 7 pm CST. Most clients report excellent experiences with this service.

Best Customer Service Winner: BizFilings

Ease of Use

Clients will have different experiences using IncFile and BizFilings for similar services.

IncFile Ease of Use

The signup process for IncFile features personalized steps, depending on which state you live in and what type of business you own. Specific hyperlinks will also appear in the application to learn more about a particular entry if you need more information.

You do have to navigate past third-party offers, but the total price is automatically updated if you opt into any, limiting surprises.

BizFilings Ease of Use

BizFilings has an incorporation wizard to help you decide whether an LLC or corporation is a better fit for your business. The upsells on the application do not feel obtrusive or pushy.

An order number is automatically assigned to your application for you to reference if you ever need assistance. But the company’s third-party partnership offers can be bothersome.

IncFile has better simple communication and fewer third-party offers. But the incorporation wizard from BizFilings offers excellent guidance for new entrepreneurs, and the assigned order number makes it easy for customer service to reference your application.

Best Ease of Use Winner: Tie

Speed of Formation

Both companies offer expedited processing, but Bizfilings charges additional fees for rushed turnaround times while next day processing comes standard at IncFile.

IncFile Speed of Formation

Incfile provides service to guarantee that every corporation or LLC formation will be processed and sent to the state within one business day. Some competitors require an additional fee for rushed processing.

You have the option of ordering expedited state processing from IncFile for an additional state-determined fee. Their Platinum Package includes this expedited service.

BizFilings Speed of Formation

The turnaround times at BizFilings do not correspond to the state’s processing speeds. Their turnarounds depend on what package you purchase. Cheaper packages will take around 4-6 weeks, while their premium package takes 7-10 days.

A $60 in-house upcharge to prioritize the order does not expedite state processing, making IncFile the better option for speedy formation.

Best Speed of Formation Winner: IncFile

Company Track Record

Although BizFilings has a longer record in business, they lack positive customer reviews. Meanwhile, IncFile is a younger company with excellent customer feedback.

IncFile Track Record

IncFile began in 2004, and the company has helped form over 250,000 businesses since that time. They boast numerous positive reviews with limited negative feedback.

BizFilings Track Record

Bizfilings got its start as a new company in 1996. Since then, they have processed more than 500,000 business formations. However, there are few customer reviews available on third-party websites.

Best Track Record Winner: IncFile

Pros & Cons

IncFile Pros

  • Useful tools in comprehensive packages
  • Easy navigation in an online dashboard
  • Free year of Registered Agent services
  • Individual services with low prices

IncFile Cons

  • Challenging to reach customer service

BizFilings Pros

  • Free six months of Registered Agent service
  • Easy BizComply dashboard
  • Over 20 years of experience and qualifications
  • Superior customer service

BizFilings Cons

  • Outdated website
  • More expensive standard plans


IncFile is the best overall filing service for business formations. 

BizFilings is an experienced company with several positive attributes. But IncFile offers some distinct overall advantages that make it the best option for business owners seeking a filing service to help them with their new company’s formation and running.

IncFile offers lower prices for plans that most entrepreneurs need, and every formation package comes with a full year of service by a Registered Agent. This complementary feature is especially ideal for anyone with a new business that operates primarily online.

IncFile has a modern and straightforward dashboard to use, offering useful free information to help various businesses. However, BizFilings may be a better choice for medium-sized companies that prioritize consistent support provided by reliable customer service.

No matter what type of business you run, choose IncFIle for help with all the paperwork to save valuable time and money.

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