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Turnkey Online Business

Defining a Turnkey (Pre-Made) Business

A turnkey or pre-made business is a ready-to-use business model that is sold to a new owner as a fully functioning operation. This means that the essential groundwork required to establish the business has already been done by the seller, and the new owner can start running the business immediately after purchase. Here’s a more comprehensive look at what constitutes a turnkey business.

Established Business Model

A turnkey business comes with an established business model which can span a variety of sectors including dropshipping, drop servicing, blogging, or rank-and-rent, among others. 

This business model outlines the way the business creates, delivers, and captures value, and is ready to be implemented as soon as the new owner takes over.

Why Buy a Pre-Made Website?

Time and Convenience

Building a website from scratch demands time, effort, and a level of technical know-how. When you buy a turnkey website, we do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of experts builds your site post-purchase, allowing you to focus on planning your business strategy rather than getting caught up in website development.

Customized for Your Needs

Each business we offer is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you opt for dropshipping, drop servicing, blogging, or rank-and-rent, your website will be designed and built according to the unique demands of the model you choose.

Quick Market Entry

With a turnkey website, you can hit the ground running. The faster you can start your operations, the sooner you can begin marketing, gaining customers, and generating revenue.


Investing in a pre-made website can often be more cost-effective than building one from scratch. You'll avoid the potential hidden costs of website development, such as hiring a designer or developer, and instead, receive a ready-made, professional-quality site for one upfront cost.


  • How do I know what type of online business is right for me?
    The right business for you depends on your skills, interests, and resources. Consider your familiarity with the business model, the time commitment you can provide, and your budget. Our 'Websites for Sale' section provides a variety of business types like dropshipping, drop servicing, blogging, and rank and rent, giving you many options to choose from.
  • What are premade / prebuilt websites?
    Premade or prebuilt websites are fully functional, ready-to-use websites designed for immediate operation. These websites are created around different online business models, such as dropshipping, drop servicing, blogging, and rank and rent.
  • Why should I buy a premade website rather than building my own?
    Building a website from scratch requires a significant investment of time and resources. Buying a premade website allows you to bypass the setup phase and jump directly into operating and growing your business.
  • How long does it take for a purchased website to be transferred to me?
    The transfer time can vary depending on the specifics of the website. However, typically it takes between 24-72 hours for the ownership transfer process to be completed.
  • Can I customize my purchased website?
    Yes, once you've purchased and received your website, you can customize it to fit your brand and business vision. However, ensure that you're familiar with the platform it's built on to avoid disruptions in service.
  • What's included with the purchase of a website from OnBiz.com?
    Each website comes with different assets and features depending on the business type. This can include domain ownership, social media accounts, email lists, content, supplier contacts, and more.
  • How does the process of buying a website from OnBiz.com work?
    Once you've found a website you're interested in, you can contact the seller or express interest through our platform. After agreeing on the terms and completing the payment, the seller will begin transferring ownership to you.
  • What are the features of the websites for sale on OnBiz.com?
    Each website offers unique features based on its business type and model. Features may include an integrated payment gateway, SEO-optimized content, a mobile-friendly layout, pre-loaded products or services, and more. Detailed information can be found in each listing.
  • Is there a contract?
    When purchasing a website from OnBiz.com, there's no ongoing contractual obligation. Once the purchase is complete and the assets have been transferred, you have full control over the website.

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