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Navigate our selection of drop servicing websites, custom-built to cater to your preferred niche. We construct a professional, easy-to-navigate site that’s all set to offer high-demand digital services, outsourced to skilled freelancers. You focus on securing clients while we handle the technical aspects of the site setup. A perfect solution for entrepreneurs eager to delve into the profitable drop servicing sector. Take the first step in your drop servicing journey today.


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Review the options, select your package, and complete the order.

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We’ll provide you with options to select:

  • Shopping cart platform (Woocommerce or Shopify)
  • Domain name
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Supplier

Ownership Transfer

Once the store is set up, we’ll facilitate the process of handing over the full ownership of the business to you.

Launch Your Business

You’re now ready to deploy your fully operational drop service business to consumers around the globe.

What's Included?


  • Can I add additional services to the website?

    Yes you can add as many additional services to your business as you like.  As you grow the business, you may want to increase the number of services that you offer.

  • Do I need any technical skills?
    No, you do not typically need advanced technical skills to manage a turnkey drop servicing website. These websites are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use management tools. Basic computer and internet skills are usually sufficient to handle day-to-day operations and make updates to the website.
  • Can I customize the turnkey drop servicing website to suit my brand?

    Yes, you can personalize the design, color schemes, logo placement, and other visual elements to align with your brand identity. Additionally, you can modify the website's content, such as service descriptions and pricing, to cater to your specific offerings.

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FREE Bonuses with Every Package

We want to make sure you’re set up for success so we’re including 2 AMAZING bonuses to help you start on your drop service journey


Client Tracker Spreadsheet

The Digital Client Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets is a comprehensive tool for small business owners. It offers intuitive features to manage client information and tasks, including Client Priority, Status, and Source Charts, a Task Management system, and customizable color coding. The tracker also offers the ability to add and delete rows, and a Circular Progress Bar for tracking. The product requires a free Gmail account and customers receive a PDF with instructions and a link to the Google Sheets template.

  • 1 Google Sheet Template (Client Tracker, Client Status Board, Client To-Do List, Calendar View)


Bookkeeping Template

The Small Business Bookkeeping Template Spreadsheet for Google Sheets and Excel is a streamlined tool for tracking income and expenses. It offers automatic calculations, multi-year usage, and compatibility with any currency. Features include a 5-year Dashboard and Monthly, Annual, Custom, and Comparison Dashboards. The package includes eight different tabs, a Sales Tax Tracker, a version without tax tracking, full instructions, a Quick Start Guide, and a sample spreadsheet with mock data.

  • 8 Spreadsheet Tabs: Monthly Dashboard, Annual Dashboard, Five-Year Dashboard, Comparison Dashboard, Custom Dashboard, Sales Tax Tracker, Transactions, Setup

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How Does a Drop Servicing Business Work

Drop servicing is a business model where entrepreneurs partner with skilled service providers to offer various services without directly providing those services themselves.

When a client requests a service, the entrepreneur communicates the project details to the service provider who possesses the necessary expertise. The service provider then completes the project on behalf of the entrepreneur, who manages the client relationship and ensures satisfaction.

This approach enables entrepreneurs to concentrate on core business activities like marketing, client acquisition, and brand development while leveraging the expertise of service providers for service delivery.

Drop servicing presents a low-risk opportunity for individuals to enter the service industry, as it eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to possess the specific skills themselves. It offers flexibility to adapt swiftly to evolving market demands and opens doors for collaboration with a wide range of service providers, leading to increased scalability and business growth.

Drop Servicing Process

Benefits of Drop Servicing

Low Overhead Costs

One of the significant advantages of a drop servicing business is the minimal overhead costs. Unlike traditional service-based businesses, you don't need to invest in physical infrastructure or hire a team of experts. Operating online allows you to keep costs low while still offering high-value services.


Drop servicing businesses have high scalability potential. As the middleman between clients and service providers, you can easily scale your operations by expanding your client base and partnering with more service providers. The digital nature of the business enables you to handle a larger volume of orders without significant constraints.

Flexibility and Freedom

Running a drop servicing business provides flexibility and freedom in terms of location and time management. You can operate from anywhere with an internet connection and set your own working hours. This flexibility allows you to pursue other personal or professional interests while managing your business.

High Profit Margins

Drop servicing businesses often have the potential for high-profit margins. By effectively pricing your services and managing the difference between what you charge clients and what you pay service providers, you can create a profitable business model. As you scale and gain more clients, your profit margins can increase even further.

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